The Coolcut Team

Biljana Janeva

Biljana is a part of the CoolCut studio since its beginnings and foundation in 1997. One can freely say that she is the tireless Pece’s shadow. During the growth of the reputation and the image of the studio, Biljana also grew, matured and turned to become a perfect hairstylist specialized for all hairstyling techniques. Although, she is very quite, modest and unobtrusive person in situations when the clients trust her skills unconditionally, she transforms herself into a magician who daringly and aggressively discovers new colour, new dimension and new creation for your hair. Biljana is a long-year Pece’s “right hand” who restlessly follows up the studio’s progress and reputation and completely gives her personal and professional support. Biljana discovers new quality, undiscovered volumes, lines and styles of your hair with hairbrush and hairdryer in her hands.

Frosina Petkovska
One can literally say that Frosina grew up in the studio. She came in the studio in 1999 as very young girl pursued by the desire to learn everything, to discover all secrets of the hairstyling craft. Frosina quickly conquered all hairstyling skills and became master of the craft. Always smiling and willing to work no matter whether she has in her hands scissors, hairbrush or hairdryer, she always changes the client’s hair and causes a happy smiles whenever they see their face in the mirror. It is very hard and ungrateful to determine or define her professional “specialty” because Frose is an expert for everything and there is no challenge that she can not respond to it. The sparkles in her eyes and the constant beautiful smile that are so characteristic about her face, simply say that Frose just adores her profession.
Маја Dushanovska

Maja became a part of the CoolCut in 1999 together with Frosina. When she joined the studio, she was very young girl, a girl that started her progress in two directions as a hair stylist and a hair stylist model as well. Her face and hair are part of the studio’s interior i.e., they decorate and give spirit even to CoolCut studio’s walls. Although she appears to be very gentle and fragile whenever Maja is confronted with challenges proves to be the opposite – very opposite and impressive personality. Shi is tireless hardworking “bee” who does not waste her time. She constantly learns works and upgrades herself becoming complete hair stylist that always pleasantly surprises and makes the clients happy. Maja is confirmed and complete hair stylist and model.

Daniel Velkovski
Daniel is a very charming young man who is a part of the CoolCut creative team for 6 years. Following his mentor in “measuring” and assessing the strength and professional skills in the national hairstyling fashion events, Daniel daringly entered these competitive happenings and won significant prizes. These rewards stimulate and incite Daniel to continue his further professional improvement and mastering other hairstyling techniques that will surely deliver him other recognitions from both, the clients and in the fashion hairstyling events.
Таnja Krstevska

We represent Tanja as last member of the CoolCut creative part but not as the least important member. Tanja is also in this studio for 6 years. Tanja is an excellent example how one can become a hairstylist for relatively short period of time. Our clients constantly demand Tanja to style their hair. She has conquered all techniques pursuing the example of other team members and she has learned the colour techniques and hair cure treatments. In our studio, Tanja is the technician in charge of colour and hair cure treatments.

Parallel with the recognized team of the hairstylist, there is a new generation – pupils that industriously work and learn. Look at them and remember their faces. This is the new CoolCut rising generation.