SENSCIENCE Liquid Luxury ***** is a prestigious hair care collection produced by Shiseido Laboratories. Entrust your concerns regarding the health and appearance of your hair to the Senscience hair care collection consisting of a large selection of exclusive shampoos, conditioners, treatments and styling products that are designed to improve the structure and chemical composition of the filament, enhancing the quality of your hair.

SENSCIENCE is the future of hair care, a rich formula with mild essence created with the latest technology. The VITALOCK-6 complex is an innovative combination of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, sugars, lipids and proteins that act together to rejuvenate the hair, maintaining its strength and moisture. VITALOCK-6 acts on each individual hair in its interior, allowing revitalization and protecting the hair from harmful external influences.

The result? Healthy, silky, soft, shiny and strong hair. Exactly as you deserve. The collection SENSCIENCE Liquid Luxury ***** will satisfy all your requirements for the appearance and the quality of your hair and will help your inner beauty to shine. This collection is a luxury that your hair deserves.


C.P.R is an intensive professional treatment that penetrates and acts deep into the hair, especially for extremely dry and damaged hair. With its use the hair is renewed, by strengthening each strand of hair, it provides strength and long-lasting protection. The C.P.R treatment restores all the nutrients your hair needs, it restores the PH value and brings together the broken parts within each strand of hair. This product is a treatment for your hair and is a unique patented product that acts deep inside the hair with micro particles for transferring nutrients.