Advices for a beautiful and healthy hair


I am addressing to you personally.

It is known that every woman wants to have beautiful and healthy hair. Woman’s hair is like a royal crown on the head, and, therefore, with a beautiful and lovely hair, every woman feels like a queen. There are many factors that damage the hair and for which it becomes dry and dehydrated or in a word, bad. For these reasons, it is very important to nurture your hair regularly. Here, we must mention the skin, the crown of the head and the hair loss. Factors that cause damage and dehydration of the hair root and skin of the head may be different chemical treatments, use of bad cosmetics, use of hair products in incorrect way, flaming sun, ice-cold days, hard water and chlorine used in the household. Improper diet, lack of use and consumption of liquids and water, the rapid pace and way of life, passed diseases, stress etc.. can also affect the quality of hair.

Since there are wide ranges of quality products on the market that are designed for this issue, it is desirable to be aware and informed about them. There are many treatments intended to treat the hair root and skin of the head, so dear readers and visitors to our website, whether you are our regular customer or prospective member of the Cool Cat, I have decided to personally address you, and you inform you that we at Cool Cat have a solution to your problems, of course, when it comes to your esteemed hair.

Also, it is important to mention that many of the treatments are intended for men, and our experience shows that when it comes to the stronger sex, the results are visible, and thereby solving the problems of oily hair, dandruff and irritated skin, lowering the percentage of hair loss and encouraging the natural growth of hair coloring with semi-permanent color without ammonia.

Here you can read more details and view the process and the types of treatments offered.
• Thermal treatment hydrant (video) – 1.200/1.500 denars.
• Peeling of the root mass of hair (video) – 600 denars.
• Peeling root of dandruff (video) - 600 denars.
• Peeling of root for irritated skin (video) - 600 denars.
• Anti-hair loss treatment
/1 treatment x 12 ampoules – 3.600 denars.
Brazilian keratin – 7.000-13.000 denars.

Your concern is ours, and if there is something that needs our additional expaination, please be free to write to us via email or an appointment date for consultation. In the shortest possible time we will try to answer you and help you solve your problem. The Coolcut studio is open to all your questions or dilemmas, because we exist and develop for and with you.

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